Reinstatement work

We are experts at diagnosing and rectifying issues with faulty paving.

Paving problems are unfortunately very common on both commercial and residential projects, despite the fact that they can be avoided by employing best practice installation methods, and by choosing the right paving product to suit the site and the bedding material at the beginning of the project.

Often, a faulty pavement will require the existing pavers to be lifted up and reinstalled using best practice methodologies to address issues with the laying techniques or bedding / grouting materials used by the installers. Anyscape can provide a quote on reinstating a faulty pavement in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We are practiced at diagnosing the issue(s) in a faulty pavement structure and recommending the right solution to address each specific issue.

When paving is installed incorrectly, or the wrong product is installed, structural issues often arise that can be complex and costly to rectify.

Common structural issues that lead to the need for paving reinstatement work may include:

  • The wrong paving type being chosen for a specific application (for example, pavers that are too large and thin to be used for a driveway application).
  • The wrong bedding material being installed.
  • Contaminated bedding material being installed.
  • Large format pavers being installed in an application that requires small format pavers to be specified.
  • Wet lay pavers being installed during inclement or hot weather, therefore affecting the bonding process.
  • Incorrect methodologies being used when mixing mortar or grout on site.
  • A lack of waterproofing or inadequate base preparation.
  • The incorrect sealer being applied to a pavement.

Reinstatement of an existing pavement may also be required due to ongoing wear and tear, additions or upgrades to an old design, or design changes that lead to the need for sections of pavement to be lifted and re-laid. Regardless of the reason for the reinstatement work, lifting and re-laying existing pavers is a very specialised process that is best handled by an expert paving contractor with extensive experience in best practice paving methodologies.

If your existing pavement is worn or damaged beyond repair, Anyscape’s qualified team can assist with recommending and colour-matching a new style of paver to ensure as seamless a transition between old and new as possible.  

If you have identified an issue with a pavement and require advice on how to resolve it, Anyscape can help. We are the leading experts in paving reinstatement work in Adelaide and are often called upon to diagnose the problem and offer solutions on how to fix the issue.

Contact us for more information on paving rectification and reinstatement work on commercial or residential projects.

These steps at the Adelaide Convention Centre had to be completely demolished back to the base structure and relaid after the existing steps began to fail.
After the design of this Victoria Square pedestrian ramp was changed to remove steel plates we had to remove and replace stone pavers and capping around the ramp.
The works for the new North Terrace Tram upgrade meant a lot of changes to existing footpaths for new services that had to be repaired after the services had been installed.
After years of water damage, and damage from loading and unloading ships, this wharf needed 500m2 of new dry-lay paving. The locking sand was cleaned from the existing pavers and reused.